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101 Forgotten Pop Hits of the 1980s

December 16, 2010

I’ve been looking forward to receiving this book and there it was waiting for me when I got home from work today.

This book is called ‘101 Forgotten Pop Hits of the 1980s’ and is written by Nick Parkhouse.


The book at 306 pages long is packed with enough reading to keep any 80s fan happy for a good while and I’m really eager to get stuck in and read the full book.

Goo fans will be happy to know that the book contains two chapters relating to our good chaps, a ‘Too Shy’ chapter and a ‘Neverending Story’ chapter.  To us these songs are of course not forgotten but to countless others, they of course are.


Nick Parkhouse has spent a lot time crafting this book together from meeting and interviewing the artists, so this book is full of genuine information rather than a copy and paste extravaganza!

Nick himself is evidently a very nice guy and very personable, he even inscribed this message in the front just for me!  Nice touch!


You can buy this book from Nick at his website:

As an added bonus, the book will arrive signed 🙂

There is also an email link on the page above where if you wish, you can request a message to be written inside, perfect for gifts.

I’m loving the book so far, I’m loving the personal touch and reckon you should all go out and support Nick and buy his book today! 🙂

PS, you can follow Nick on Twitter @101hits80s

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