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Art Nouveau 1979 Footage

December 8, 2010

Once in a while something pretty special comes along that we’ve never seen before and this is one of those things.

Brand new and freshly shared by Jez Strode himself, this is footage of Art Nouveau recorded on Super Cine 8 film at a rehearsal at the Angel Cards factory in Leighton Buzzard.

This is special, enjoy!

Art Nouveau – 3D Horrors (Rehearsal 1979)
Courtesy of zodieweeny

And here you can watch the full track from the album ‘Live’:

Many thanks to Jez for uploading this superb footage!

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  1. Steve Yeo permalink
    December 8, 2010 2:22 pm

    I’m at work now where streaming media is disabled – needless to say that I can’t wait to get home! Fantastic post, Steve! A huge thanks to Jez for sharing this with us. Nice to have some input from a band member! Awesome.

    • December 8, 2010 3:30 pm

      It’s a great piece and not to be greedy but I’m hoping there might be more!

  2. Steve Yeo permalink
    December 8, 2010 6:11 pm

    Me too


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