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KajaFax SuperFan #1

November 23, 2010

KajaFax SuperFan Series #1

Our very first KajaFax SuperFan is Sylvia -ska from Poland.



















Hi Sylvia, many thanks for agreeing to appear on KajaFax SuperFans!

Hi Steve, my pleasure.

Can you tell us how you first became a fan of the band?

It must have been the very beginning of 1983 when I heard a nice warm voice and a catchy tune on the radio. The presenter said it was a band named KajaGooGoo or something like that & the song was ‘Too Shy’. I’d never heard of either of them before, but both the band & the song caught my attention. I guess that was love at ‘first hearing’.


 How is life for a KajaGooGoo fan in Poland?
Musically, it seems to be a paradise, because thanks to the Internet it doesn’t really matter where you come from or where you live – everything seems to be at hand these days. I can get whatever I want if it is on the net, I am in touch with the Kaja guys, The Goos come to Poland from time to time or I go to England to see them live. So, from a point of view of a fan it looks really good. Especially comparing to the 80s or 90s, when you could hardly get any news of the band…


You’ve met the band a few times now, how were they?

Yes, I’ve met them four times so far. Every time I meet them, our relations seem to be a bit different. I mean when I met them for the first time, I wasn’t prepared for the meeting because it was a surprise, Glenn’s Valentine’s gift for helping the band with instruments and stuff like that. So, I got kind of scared when Glenn was taking me to the boys, but they were very friendly, they all knew my name and we started chatting as if we’d known each other for ages. Next meeting was completely different. I wasn’t afraid to meet them, I wasn’t thinking of what to talk about. It all went naturally. Then when I came to London and met Nick and Steve with Anna in the street, they recognised me and we had a wonderful time talking together before and after the gig. This year at Henley, everything went crazy. We had so much fun chatting and fooling around. Loads of funny photos were taken. To sum up, they are really wonderful people and great musicians.
























You were at the Rewind Festival in the UK in August 2010, how was that performance?

Yes, I was in Henley. Oh, the gig was much too short! Six songs are not enough when you are used to at least one hour and a half concerts. But it was splendid! And the crowd were wonderful.

What do you think of the situation with the band and their management and how things went after the 2009 tour?

I guess, we’re talking about Glenn, aren’t we? My personal opinion is that Glenn was the best manager KajaGooGoo could ever dream of – a perfectionist in everything he was doing, a very dedicated man and a person who always treated fans with all due respect. I know how much hard work and dedication Glenn put in all the European gigs, UK Space Cadet Tour and all the promotion, as well as in, kajashop etc. I think those were the best days of the re-united KajaGooGoo. Things may never be the same without Mr Goo.

Sylvia with Glenn

How would you convince someone to check out the band and see what they are all about?

People say that when I talk about music I love I can be very persuasive and that all my excitement, passion and love for the band can be contagious. Actually, I’ve managed to convince quite a number of people that KajaGooGoo are worth having a try to get to know what their music is all about.

What keeps you interested in the band and remaining such a loyal fan?

KajaGooGoo with Limahl were and still are my first musical love. Their music had a great impact on my life. I’ve always thought the five of them were a perfect match. I was very angry and disappointed after they’d split but their music has given me the faith for the better times and… they reunited! I’ve been waiting for that for… er… 25 years? That reunion let me have all that I missed as a teenager. AND! I’ve met wonderful Kaja fans and made friends with some of them…


Okay, onto the three quick fire questions!

What’s your favourite KajaGooGoo track?
White Feathers

What’s your favourite KajaGooGoo album?
White Feathers

Who’s your favourite KajaGooGoo band member?
Are you kidding me? Everybody, including Kaja boys, knows the answer. I love all the boys, but Limo is my favourite one.
















What are your hopes for the band for 2011?
• a new album
• a live DVD
• gigs, gigs, gigs (at least a few in Poland, of course)
• health, wealth and happiness.


What message would you like to give to the band?

You, as KajaGooGoo, are the best band ever, so please do find some time to work together as KGG and let us enjoy some new material and gigs SOOOON. Love you loads!


What message would you like to give to the fans?

Guys, I’ve met some of you already and I know you are all wonderful Kaja people. Hope you are all healthy and happy all way through. Cheers!


Sylvia, many thanks again for talking with KajaFax.

Thanks a lot Steve! It was a real pleasure.


KajaGooGoo at Warsaw 2009

Huge thanks from KajaFax to Sylvia for being our very first KajaFax SuperFan.  If you think you have what it takes to appear as a SuperFan, get in contact via any of the methods on the Contact page.
See you next time for the next installment!!
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    January 20, 2011 1:37 pm

    Great photos! 🙂


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