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Solo Projects Discography

The discography entries on this page relate to solo activity and projects and includes work by:


The plethora of compilation albums featuring Limahl’s re-recordings of Kajagoogoo/Limahl hits have been ignored for the purposes of this discography.  Only his original releases are included.  Releases for special non-English speaking markets are also disregarded in this section.  For details on such specialist releases, see the ‘Other Releases’ section.

Nick Beggs

Nick’s work with Iona and other acts such as Industrial Salt, CoZi, Warren Cuccurullo, Steven Wilson, and Steve Hackett are not included.  Recordings that feature Nick as a ‘primary’ member such as ‘Ellis Beggs and Howard’ and ‘Life Signs’ however are listed.  See also the ‘other releases’ section. 

Art Nouveau
Not really a solo project, but we had to list them somewhere!

Steve Askew/Smalltown Elephants

Work featuring Steve Askew as a performer is included, but not as a producer.

Other Releases

Album tracks, special market releases etc…

*The below information is intended as a guide and does not reflect the variations in label/content/artwork between differing territories.  The discography is very much a work in progress, and such variations will indeed be added over time*

Singles by Limahl


It’s Christmas (1980)  *Recorded as Chris Hamill

Random Records RD1



Written and produced by Chris Hamill

In aid of the NSPCC

Side A: “It’s Christmas”
Side B: “It’s Christmas”

Angel (1981)  *Recorded as Chris Hamill

Random Records RD2



Written and produced by Chris Hamill

Side A: “Angel”
Side B: “Goodnight Sleep”


Only For Love (1983)


7″/12″/7″ Picture Disc


Words and music by Limahl

Produced by De Harris and Tim Palmer

Side A: “Only for Love”
Side B: “O.T.T. (Over the Top)”

7″ Picture Disc Edition:



Too Much Trouble (1984)


7″/12″/12″ Picture Disc


Side A: “Too Much Trouble”

Side B: “You’ve Been Gone For A Little While”

Picture Disc 12″:



Never Ending Story (1984)


7″/12″/CD Single


Produced by Georgio Moroder.  Written by Moroder/Forsey

B side credited to Georgio Moroder

Side A: “Never Ending Story”

Side B: “Ivory Tower”


Tar Beach (1984)

EMI Electrola 1c 006-20 0392 7



Side A: “Tar Beach”
Side B: “The Greenhouse Effect”


Love in Your Eyes (1986)


7″/12″/7″ Picture Disc


Both tracks written by Georgio Moroder and Limahl

Side A: “Love In Your Eyes”
Side B: “Love Will Tear The Soul”

7″ Picture Disc Edition:



Inside to Outside (1986)

EMI 5570



Side A: “Inside to Outside”
Side B: “Shock”


Stop (1991)

Jimco JIM0046

CD Single/7″/12″


Bassline featuring Limahl
1. “Stop (Single Version)”
2. “Stop (Long Version)”
3. “Stop (Long Dub Version)”
4. “Stop (Instrumental Version)”


Maybe This Time (1992)

Bellaphon 120-07-598

CD Single/12″ Single


Bassline featuring Limahl

1. “Maybe This Time (12″ Version) ”
2. “Maybe This Time (7″ Version)”
3. “Maybe This Time (Acapella Version)”


Too Shy ’92 (1992)

Bellaphon 100-07-628

7″/12″/CD Single


1. “Too Shy ’92 Remix (Radio Edit)”
2. “Too Shy ’92 Remix (Extended Play)”
3. “Too Shy ’92 Remix (Acapella)”
4. “Too Shy ’92 Remix (Shy Shy Dub)”


Love Is Blind (1992)

Bellaphon 130.07.634

CD Single/7″ Single


1. “Love Is Blind (Single Version)”
2. “Love Is Blind (Extended Dance Version)”
3. “Love Is Blind (A Capella)”


Walking in Rhythm (1995)

AJS 113/Polydor 575 505-2

12″/CD Single


Shy Guy featuring Limahl. Produced and mixed by the Cassanova Brothers.

1. “Walking In Rhythm (7″ Radio)”
2. “Walking In Rhythm (7″ Radio Club/Garage)”
3. “Walking In Rhythm (12″ Euro)”
4. “Walking In Rhythm (12″ Club/Garage)”


Love That Lasts (2002)

BMG Ariola 74321 96199 2

CD Single/Digital Download


Credited to ‘Discobrothers feat. Limahl’

1. Love That Lasts


Too Shy (2006)

Fanatik Records FK007

12″ Single


Credited to ‘Limahl vs. Julien Créance’

1. “Too Shy (Extended Version)”
2. “Too Shy (Remix By DJ DLG)”


Tell Me Why (2006)

ZYX 9951-5

CD Single/12″ Single/Picture Disc 12″


1. “Tell Me Why (Radio Edit)”
2. Tell Me Why (Dance Mix)”


12″ Limited Edition Picture Disc:



Superior Love (2009)

Prussia Records/Rough Trade PRSA4003A

CD Single/Digital Download


Credited to Sara Noxx feat. Limahl

1. “Superior Love (Single Edit)”
2. “Superior Love (12″ Club Mix)”
3. “Superior Love (Album Version)”
4. ” Superior Love (Alice in Videoland RMX)”
5. “Superior Love (Girls Under Glass RMX)”
6. “Superior Love (Real Life’s Soft Mix)”


1983 (2012)

KVK/Dig Music  7071245043155

Digital Download


Written by Chris Hamill/Rune Maurtvedt/Stig Antonsen/Tommy Olsen

Addition remixing by Clouds and Coffee/Tom Moroca

1. “1983 (Clouds & Coffee Radio Version)”
2. “1983 (Clouds & Coffee Extended Version)”
3. “1983 (Tom Moroca Remix Radio Version)”
4. “1983 (Tom Moroca Remix Extended Version)”
5. “1983 (Original Radio Version)”
6. “1983 (Acapella Version)”


1983 (2012)

Bootleg Promo CD Single – clear stickered jewel case



Written by Chris Hamill/Rune Maurtvedt/Stig Antonsen/Tommy Olsen

Addition remixing by Clouds and Coffee/Tom Moroca

1. “1983 (Clouds & Coffee Radio Version)”
2. “1983 (Clouds & Coffee Extended Version)”
3. “1983 (Tom Moroca Remix Radio Version)”
4. “1983 (Tom Moroca Remix Extended Version)”
5. “1983 (Original Radio Version)”
6. “1983 (Acapella Version)”


London For Christmas (2012)

Tunecore/Christopher Music 859709079226

Digital Download/CD Single (OD)


Written by Limahl/Jon Nickoll

Produced by Ian Curnow

1. “London For Christmas”


Albums by Limahl


Don’t Suppose…. (1984)


CD/LP/MC/Digital Download/Picture Disc Album


Produced by De Harris and Tim Palmer

1. “Don’t Suppose” – (4:16)
2. “That Special Something” – (4:14)
3. “Your Love” – (4:26)
4. “Too Much Trouble” – (3:56)
5. “Never Ending Story” – (3:31)**
6. “Only For Love” – (3:55)
7. “I Was A Fool” – (4:42)
8. “The Waiting Game” – (4:02)
9. “Tar Beach” – (3:46)
10. “Oh Girl” – (4:38)

* Gold Legion CD re-issue includes 12″ mixes of Never Ending Story and Only for Love

** Original issue contained The Greenhouse Effect instead of Never Ending Story

Picture Disc Album:


Don’t Suppose…. 2 Disc Collector’s Edition

1. “Don’t Suppose”
2. “That Special Something”
3. “Your Love”
4. “Too Much Trouble”
5. “Never Ending Story”
6. “Only For Love”
7. “I Was A Fool”
8. “The Waiting Game”
9. “Tar Beach”
10. “Oh Girl”
11. “The Greenhouse Effect” (Live)
12: “O.T.T. (Over The Top)”
13: “You’ve Been Gone For a Little While” (Too Much Trouble Reprise)

Disc 2: Remixes, Alternate Versions, and Demos

1.  “Never Ending Story” (12″ Mix)
2.  “Never Ending Story” (Rusty 7″ Mix)
3. “”Never Ending Story” (12″ Dance Mix)
4. “Never Ending Story” (12″ Dub Mix)
5. “Only For Love” (Dance Mix)
6. “Only For Love” (Dub Mix)
7. “Too Much Trouble” (Lovers Heartbeat Mix)
8. “Too Much Trouble” (7″ Version)
9. “Tar Beach” (The City Blues Mix)
10. “L’Histoire Sans Fin”
11. “Ivory Tower”
12. “Your Love” (12″ Master)
13. “Heartbeat” (Demo)
14. “Then Suddenly” (Demo)
15. “Heart of Gold” (Demo)


Colour All My Days (1986)


LP/MC/Digital Download/CD


1. “Love in Your Eyes” – (4:18)
2. “Colour All My Days” – (4:46)
3. “Nothing on Earth (Can Keep Me from You)” – (3:50)
4. “Tonight Will Be the Night” – (4:10)
5. “Working Out” – (4:16)
6. “Don’t Send for Me” – (3:37)
7. “Shock” – (4:38)
8. “Inside to Outside” – (3:41)
9. “Love Will Tear the Soul” – (3:30)
10. “For My Heart’s Sake” – (4:00)


Love Is Blind (1992)

Bellaphon 290•07•181/ Jimco JICM-89152



1. “Love Is Blind” – (3:58)
2. “So Far So Good” – (4:06)
3. “Stop” – (4:05)
4. “Too Shy ’92” – (4:07)
5. “Let’s Get Together Again” – (4:12)
6. “Life Must Go On” – (4:25)
7. “Maybe This Time” – (4:31)
8. “Cheatin'” – 3:48)
9. “Stay With Me” – (5:07)
10. Someone Else” – (4:29)


The Best of Limahl (1996)

Disky DC 864622  


EPSON scanner image   


1.”Never Ending Story”
2.”Don’t Suppose”
3.”That Special Something”
4.”Your Love”
5.”Too Much Trouble”
6.”Only for Love”
7.”I Was a Fool”
8.”The Waiting Game”
9.”Love in Your Eyes”
10.”Colour All My Days”
11.”Nothing on Earth (Can Keep Me from You)”
12.”Tonight Will Be the Night”
13.”Working Out”
14.”Don’t Send for Me”
16.”Inside to Outside”


Never Ending Story (2006)

ZYX 20781-2



Tell Me Why is the Radio Edit of Limahl’s 2006 single.  All other tracks are re-recordings.

1.”Tell Me Why”
2.”Too Shy”
3.”Never Ending Story”
4.”Big Apple”
5.”Turn Your Back on Me”
6.”Too Much Trouble”
7.”Hang on Now”
8.”So Far So Good”
9.”Someone Else”
10.”Love Is Blind”
11.”Rhythm of Love”
12.”Ooh to Be Ah”
13.”The Lions Mouth”
14.”Only for the Love”
15.”Maybe This Is the Time”
16.”Lost in Love”
17.”Shouldn’t Do That”


Original Album Series (2014)

CD/Digital Download

Warner Music/Parlophone – 2564636193

album-series sized









White Feathers
Crazy People’s Right to Speak
Don’t Suppose
Colour All My Days

**all albums are in their original form and contain no bonus tracks**

Nick Beggs
Singles by/featuring Nick Beggs

Bolero (1984)

Assorted Images/Graduate Records AI001

12″/7″ Single


*recorded as ‘Im-Mac Logic’ and featuring Mulligan from the band ‘Fashiøn’

Side A:

Side B:
1.”Logics of Emotion”
2.”Two Takes” (French Version)


Ellis Beggs and Howard:

Big Bubbles, No Troubles (1988)

RCA PT 42090 

7″/10″/12″/CD Single


1.”Big Bubbles, No Troubles”
2.”Rock Me”

*Available as original issue and re-issue.  Above cover artwork is taken from the re-issued version.

**Also available as a Limited Edition postcard pack.


Bad Times (1988)

RCA PT 42042

7″/12″/CD Single


1.”Bad Times”
2.”One Tongue”


Where Did Tomorrow Go? (1988)

RCA PT 42318

7″/12″/CD Single


1.”Where Did Tomorrow Go?”
2.”Nobody Knows!”


Albums by/featuring Nick Beggs


Homelands (1988)

RCA PL 71885 



1″Where Did Tomorrow Go?”
2.”Bad Times”
3.”Two Lonely Hearts”
4.”Hungry Man”
5.”Ju Ju Goodbye”
6.”Say a Prayer”
7.”Why Does Living (Become a Crime)?”
8.”Big Bubbles No Troubles”
10.”I Would Die For You”

*LP contains lyric sheet/poster


The Lost Years Volume 1 (1997)

Nick Beggs Music

Digital Release/CD-R

1″Are You a Believer”
2.”Tears of Joy”
3.”Fears of Love”
5.”Kiss Me (In The Right Place)”
6.”I Need You”
7.”Bubbling Over”
8.”Looking For Daisy”
9.”Chocolate Coated Money 7″”
10.”Chocolate Coated Money 12″”

* unreleased album of demos


The Lost Years Volume 2 (2009)

Nick Beggs Music

Free Digital Release

1.”Vote No Confidence”
2.”Violets and Violins”
3.”Save Some For The Children”
4.”Should I Burn?”
5.”What’s Happenin’ on the EastSide?
6.”I’ll Be There”
7.”Lordy, Thankyou for Me Bread”
9.”I’ve Been Here Before”
10.”I Wish”
11.”Hello, Hello, Hello”
12.”Six of These Years”

*Free download via Nick’s website. A second unreleased album of demos.


Stick Insect (2002)

Stick Enterprises SE-2002/REDdot Music  RDMD5

CD/Digital Download


Written, arranged, engineered and produced by Nick Beggs

1.”Science Fiction”
2.”The Reggae Man’s Hair Do”
3.”Tontos Return”
5.”Look At Us”
6.”Down Stream”
7.”Glass Slippers”
10.”The Last Bitch In Hellville”
13″Death By Cleavage”
14.”For All That’s Lost”
15.”In Memory Of You”


Maverick Helmsman (2004)

Stick Enterprises/REDdot Music RDMD4

CD/Digital Download


1.”All The Things You Are”
2.”My Joy”
3.”So Far Away”
5.”The Maverick Helmsman”
6.”The Vigil”
7.”Your Letter”
8.”The Meaning Of Everything”
9.”When We First Met”
10.”Highland Saunter”


The Darkness in Men’s Hearts (2013)

Burning Shed bshed1304

CD (Digipak)

large3706  img462

1.”The Darkness in Men’s Hearts”
2.”All The Things You Are”
3.”My Joy”
4.”The Meaning of Everything
7.”The Maverick Helmsman”
8.”So Far Away”
11.”The Vigil”
12.”After the Wave”


Lifesigns (2013)

Esoteric Antenna/Cherry Red EANTCD1011

CD/Digital Download/LP

lifesigns-cd-2  lIFESIGNS rEAR

3.”Fridge Full Of Stars
4.”At The End Of The World”

* Lifesigns are:

John Young, Martin Beedle, Nick Beggs, Steve Rispin.


Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me (2016)

Inside Out/IOMLTCD440

CD/Digital Download/LP


1.”Do Nothing Till You Hear from Me”
2.”Praying to a Mute God”
3.”Nightschool For Idiots”
4.”Feed the Troll”
5.”Your Dark Ideas”
6.”Last Man on Earth”
7.”In the Crosshairs”
8.”Strange Relationship”
9.”Swimming Horses”
10.”Mavro Capelo”
11.”Father Daughter”

* The Mute Gods are Nick Beggs, Roger King & Marco Minnemann. Features Lula Beggs.


Art Nouveau

Fear Machine (1981)

Gimpy Dak Records DAK1

7″ Single


1.”Fear Machine”
2.”Animal Instincts”


ArtNouveauLive (Date not known)

Not on Label – Unofficial Cassette/CD-R


* Bootleg release of unknown origin. Custom artwork. Seemingly cassette sourced CD-R.

1.”3D Horrors”
2.”Animal Instincts”
3.”Martins Dance”
4.”The Things You Do”
6.”Bang Went The Army”
7.”‘Lotta Nothing”
8.”Anxiety Song”
9.”Life Style”
10.”Bingo Tonight”
12.”All Night Operator”
13.”The Wrapping Pigeon Molestors”
15.”Nouveau Rock n’ Roll”
16.”Fear Machine 2000″


Art Nouveau (Unknown Date & Source)

Unofficial CD-R

Unknown source bootleg CD-R containing tracks from the ‘Fear Machine’ 7″ single, plus 3 demo songs.

No cover art.

1.”Fear Machine”
2.”Animal Instincts”
5.”Life’s a GoGo”

Steve Askew

Singles by/featuring Steve Askew

Smalltown Elephants

Walking on Ice (1987)

Polydor POSPX 873

7″/12″ Single


Produced by Pip Williams, Colin Stewart and Smalltown Elephants

Side A:
1.”Walking On Ice”

Side B:
2.”Inside Out”
3.”All For Nothing”


R.I.P. 1986-1988 (2011)

REDdot Music RDMD2

Digital Download

2.”Walking On Ice”
4.”Fallen Angel”
5.”Tomorrow Belongs To Me”
7.”Fortune & Money”
8.”Out Of The Blue”
9.”If You Walk Away”
10.”Never Gonna Happen Again”
11.”New Waves Breaking”
12.”Time To Act”


Lu Cozma

Lu Cozma – Vocals & backing vocals.

Steve Askew – Acoustic, electric & bass guitars, keyboards, sequencers, drums and distorted vocals.

Red (2007)

REDdot Music RDMD1

CD/Digital Download

2.”Building a Mystery”
3.”Out of Time”
8.”Ultimate High”
9.”Shoot the Moon”
10.”Say Me Down”
11.”Red” (Radio Edit)


Lockdown E.P. (2013)

REDdot Music RDM010

CD/Digital Download

Lu Cozma – Vocals

Steve Askew – Acoustic, electric & bass guitars, keyboards, sequencers, drums and vocals

LOCKDOWN-lu-cozma-steve-askew img465

1. “Lockdown”
2. “Snow White Room”
3. “White Noise”
4. “Breathing Under Water”

Other Releases


L’histoire Sans Fin (1984)

Pathé Marconi EMI 2004937

7″ Single


Side A: “The Never Ending Story” (L’Histoire Sans Fin)
Side B: “L’Histoire Sans Fin” (The Never Ending Story)


No Lo Pienses Más (1986)

EMI-Odeon S.A. 006-2014677

7″ Single


Side A is a spanish language re-recording of ‘Colour All My Days’

Side A:”No Lo Pienses Más” (Version en Español – Colour All My Days)
Side B:” Don’t Send for Me”


What a Feeling! II (2001)

Music Club


img466 img467

Tracks featured in the musical of the same name. Contains the following tracks recorded by Limahl:

“Never Ending Story”
“A View to a Kill”
“Pinball Wizard”
“Can You Feel the Love Tonight”


The Best of Comeback United (2004)

Universal 9866281



Compilation from the German TV show.  Contains the following tracks recorded by Limahl:

“Can You Feel the Love Tonight”
“Neverending Story”
“Don´t Go Breaking my Heart”


Physics featuring Limahl

Too Shy 2008 (2008)

Just For Fun Recordings  JFFR 14 DD

Digital Download


1.”Too Shy 2008″ (Ali Payami Vocal Mix)
2.”Too Shy 2008″ (Ali Payami Vocal Radio Edit)
3.”Too Shy 2008″ (Original Radio Mix)


Nick Beggs

Songs For Luca (2003)

Open VP999CD



Charity album.  Two tracks  written exclusively for and donated to the project by Nick Beggs.

“Forever in My Heart”
“For Luca”

Iona albums featuring Nick Beggs:

Featured instrument: Chapman Stick, Bass Guitars


The Book of Kells (1992)

What Records WHAD 1287



1″Kells Opening Theme”
3.”Mathew-The Man”
5.”Mark – The Lion”
6.”The River Flows”
7.”Luke -The Calf”
8.”Virgin and Child”
10.”The Arrest – Gethsemane”
11.”Trinity – The Godhead”
12.”John – The Eagle”
14.”Eternity – No Beginning No End”


Beyond These Shores (1993)

What Records WHAD 1300



1.”Prayer on the Mountain”
3.”Brendan’s Voyage (Navigatio)”
4.”Edge of the World”
6.”View of the Islands”
7.”Bird of Heaven”
8.”Murlough Bay”
9.”Burning Like Fire”
11.”Beachy Head”
12.”Machrie Moor”
14.”Brendan’s Return”
15.”Beyond These Shores”


Woven Cord (1999)




2.”Bi”-Se I Mo Shuil Pt. 1
3.”Matthew” – The Man
4.”White Sands”
5.”Murlough Bay”
6.”Dancing On The Wall”
10.”Woven Cord”
11.”Beyond These Shores”


Iona –  (1990)


A live video recording.

1.”Turning Tide”
2.”Flight of the Wild Goose”
3.”Here I Stand”


Industrial Salt

Act put together following auditions held by Nick Beggs and Steve Askew.  Many tracks written, produced and mixed by Nick Beggs and Steve Askew.  Nick and Steve also feature as musicians. Band active from 2004 to 2007.

A Pocket Full Of Magnetic Letters (2005)

Ki/oon Records KSCP 931         



1.”Make Me Unhappy”
2.”Sugar Bomb Baby”
3.”Dead Cool”
4.”Dear Heart”
5.”Gone To The Moon”
6.”Big Hand Man”
7.”Loop & Loop”
8.”Kiss You”
9.”Change The World”
10.”One Tomorrow”
11.”Party On The Brink”
12.”Not The End”


Sugar Bomb Baby (2005)

Tribecca Tri-002/Flying Saucer Music Ltd.

CD Single

1.”Sugar Bomb Baby” (Radio Edit)
2.”Kiss You (The Stalker)”
3.”Not The End”
4.”Sugar Bomb Baby” (Album Version)


Alternate Covers:

LimahlToo Much Trouble Euro Maxi Single



Limahl Never Ending Story USA 12″ Single



Limahl – Inside to Outside European Maxi Single



Limahl – Tell Me Why 12″ Euro


img468 img469

LimahlLove is Blind CD Album Japan Edition


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