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Kajagoogoo – An Online Retrospective

April 13, 2014

All of us here at team KajaFax welcome comments from our readers, and our inbox has a regular turnover of emails from fans of the band, which is of course how we like it 😉


What we bring to your attention today goes one step further than a written comment on a webpage – it’s a podcast.  Recently uploaded to the internet by American fan ‘John Ginder’, this is a verbal retrospective of the bands career thus far as seen through the eyes of the listener.  John has an obvious preference for the White Feathers album, and although a little bit mixed up with his band history clearly has a love of the band and an interest in their full catalogue of song and not just the ’80s ones.

 Why not set a few minutes aside and give the broadcast a listen?

Click on the ‘play’ button below to listen to what John has to say….

 We would appreciate your comments 🙂

2014 KajaFax

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