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Limahl – Colour All My Days Indonesian Issue Cassette Album

January 10, 2014

Today we want to share with you a very odd item indeed.

Anybody who had parents that worked overseas in the 1980’s may well have seen many similar cassette tapes as the one we feature today, usually, although not exclusively, originating from Saudi Arabia.

Although similar in presentation, this tape is actually a supposedly officially licensed Indonesian product.

Front  Back

We all know Limahl’s second album, Colour All My Days, and are more than familiar with the songs upon it.  It seems that ‘GL Records’ (not to be confused with Gold Legion from the USA) are not so familiar with Limahl and his work, as this album has a very peculiar track listing!

GL a.k.a. ‘Golden Lion’, are an Indonesian bootleg label releasing unofficial cassette tapes (and later CD’s) aimed at the South East Asian market.

Housed in a clamshell type lined box (a bit like a ‘mini version’ of a rental VHS video box), the cassette proudly bears the logo of Golden Lion Records and their slogan – “The Ultimate Recording”.

Ultimate or not, the Indonesian Colour All My Days does have something extra that the EMI release in the UK did not, namely half of debut LP Don’t Suppose thrown into the mix!  There is also a fold out lyric sheet.

Click each image to enlarge

sheet 1

Sheet 2

The full listing for this version of the album is:

Side 1:

Love in Your Eyes (Extended Version)

Nothing on Earth (Can Keep Me from You)

Colour All My Days

Don’t Send For Me

Love Will Tear the Soul

Tonight Will Be the Night

Side 2:


Working Out

I Was a Fool

Too Much Trouble

Only For Love

That Special Something

Never Ending Story

Inside to Outside

An odd mix to say the least!



Authentic or not, this is an interesting little curiosity and a quirky thing to have in your collection.

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 2014 KajaFax

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