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KajaFax Fan Club Message – Flexi Disc Audio

February 13, 2013

Today, we have something wonderful to bring you.

Issues of KajaFax magazine are highly sought after amongst ‘Goo collectors and we here at KajaFax are, of course, lucky enough to possess a full set of them.

The fan club, back in 1984, hit on the idea of issuing this brilliant flexi disc to its members which was of course a real treat. For the very first time for many of them, fans were able to hear tracks by the pre-Kajagoogoo ‘Art Nouveau’, as well as feel genuine interaction with the individual band members as their idol’s voices delivered what seemed like personal greetings straight from the speakers of the family music centre….


Many if not most of these flexi singles have long since been destroyed.  Not this one however 🙂


Fans introduced to the band when ‘Too Shy’ went to number one went into meltdown trying to source a copy of the Art Nouveau single ‘Fear Machine’ and as that particular release was on a limited run of only 1000, that meant that a lot of fans were left frustrated!  The ’84 fan flexi went some way to alleviating that frustration, as it contained full versions of Art Nouveau tracks ‘Fear Machine’ and ‘Life’s a Go-Go’.

Today, and so far as we are aware exclusively on the internet, we have the audio file of that flexi disc. We hope that you enjoy it.

art nouveau 2

We know that many readers who may have recently discovered the band may be surprised by the style of those early Art Nouveau tracks….little did Steve, Jez, Stuart and Nick know back in ’79 that they were so close – and only one person short of the winning formula….

kgg logo

Thank you for visiting KajaFax – the premier Kajagoogoo fansite!

2013 KajaFax.

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