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KajaFax KajaHunt 2012 Competition Winners

December 29, 2012

Our annual KajaHunt ‘treasure hunt’ competition has been running throughout December with some fabulous prizes on offer, as donated by both the KajaFax team and the guys from Kajagoogoo.

KajaHunt 2012

Our challenge was a difficult one and judging by this year’s email feedback, we defeated many of you along the way!

Both Steve C and I were delighted to get so many entries for this year’s KajaHunt and we would like to thank you all for making the 2012 competition such a success.

The moment has finally arrived where we let you know both the solution to the competition question and just who has been randomly selected for a prize pack.

OK… are the answers to those all important 24 questions… many did you get right?

Day 1:  Tinseltown
Day 2
:  Rocket Boy
Day 3
:  Rhodes
Day 4:  G
Day 5:  H
Day 6:  Z
YX Music
Day 7:  K
Day 8:  O
ne Two Testing
Day 9:  A
nimal Instincts
Day 10:  Cornwall Coliseum
Day 11:  You’ve Been Gone for a Little While
Day 12:  Poland
Day 13:  L
Day 14:  S
Day 15:  Phonogram Records
Day 16:  Spectra Records
Day 17:  Ooh To Be Ah
Day 18:  P
ump Rooms (Of Bath)
Day 19:  
(The) Embassy Club
Day 20:  (The) Empire
Day 21:  E
Day 22:  T
im (Palmer)
Day 23:Alvestad (Camilla)
Day 24:Islington

We then asked you to take the first letter of each of your answers and re-arrange them to come up with a Kajagoogoo themed solution.  We also gave the clue that the letters would be arranged thus:

– – – – -/- – – – – – – /- – – – – / – – / – – – – – (5,7,5,2,5)


A little bit of twiddling and the final answer becomes:



Winning Prize Pack A is Martin Baljé – Alkmaar, NL

White Feathers CD Album

Islands CD Album

Crazy Peoples Right To Speak CD Album

Gone To The Moon CD Album

The Very Best Of Kajagoogoo & Limahl CD/DVD Doublepack


Prize Pack B is awarded to Michelle Wilson, UK

‘Don’t Suppose….’ CD album signed by Limahl

‘Kajagoogoo & Limahl – The Hits’ CD Doublepack

London For Christmas CD Single


Winning Prize Pack C is Sarah Wilshaw – London, UK

Kajagoogoo – ‘Too Shy – The Singles and More’ CD Album



We will be in contact with the winners later this evening to arrange delivery of their prizes.

Once again, a massive well done for solving this one and a huge ‘Thank You’ to each and every KajaFax reader!

This year’s competition has been a massive success for us and we are incredibly grateful for your continued support!

Have a very Happy New Year – see you again in January!


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