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Limahl Leaves The Celebrity Jungle

November 24, 2012

As you will all now know, Limahl has been voted out of the celebrity jungle.  KajaFax held back on posting this news so as not to spoil things for those fans who may have taken a little longer to view his final show.

Each and every fan is of course sad about this, but say a huge “Well Done!’” to him for getting this far!

The KajaFax team wishes to thank the 13,369 fans and individual site visitors that have shown their support and followed Limahl’s exploits with us since he first entered camp. 

Your interest and support is the reason that KajaFax exists, so from Steve C and myself, Thank You!! 

Limahl has released this message to all fans:

“Hi folks, Limahl here, just a quick note to let u know I’m alive, well and now getting my strength back at a fabulous 5 star hotel after the amazing experience of ‘I’m A Celebrity’  😉  I wouldn’t have missed it for the world – a truly daunting test to overcome fears, phobias and the fraught egos of other celebrities lol!! 

Thanks a million for all your support, this meant a lot. I’ll report more over next few days….”

The good news is that ITV interviewed our man at length last night on the follow-up’ show, ‘Get Me Out Of Here Now!’, and he also featured in the ‘coming out’ party. 

If you have fallen in Love with Limahl all over again as a result of his jungle exploits, you need to subscribe to this site!  That can be done from our homepage. 

Want the heads up on the next big thing in the world of ‘goo and Limahl?   

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Finally, you may want to see this?  Limahl, as interviewed by today’s Sun.

2012 KajaFax

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