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….featuring Nick Beggs….Lux Aeterna….

October 24, 2012

Back in 1997, Nick Beggs along with David Fitzgerald recorded an album of religious material entitled Lux Aeterna.

The project is little known to Kajagoogoo fans although more hardcore fans of The Beggion will know this work through its connection with the group Iona – David Fitzgerald is a former Iona member as of course is Nick.

Recorded at St Edmundsbury Cathedral, ICC & Soundfield Studios, the album features Nick on Chapman Stick, Fretless, Acoustic and 5 String Basses as well as on writing duty, and is a truly inspiring piece of music.  Lux Aeterna is the Latin for Light Eternal and the album takes the listener of a journey through a number of themes – the crucifixion in ‘Golgotha’ and the Resurrection – the meaning of ‘Light’.

David Fitzgerald has a wonderful YouTube channel which features much of his work.  Click on the below image to go straight to his channel…..

….or listen to this track, taken from the Lux Aeterna album featuring Nick Beggs on Chapman Stick, Acoustic Bass and Fretless Bass….


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