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Nick Beggs Talks Dangerous Potatoes

October 2, 2012

Today at KajaFax HQ, we managed to grab a quick fire Q&A session with bass player, Chapman stick player, vocalist, spaceman, artist, all round good guy and now author, Mr Nick Beggs.


Nick, welcome to KajaFax, it’s fantastic to have you here, how are you?

All is dandy.

Do you get much chance to read KajaFax at all and see what’s going on around the site?

I quite often have a sneaky peek 😉

KajaFax   KajaFax   KajaFax

We’d like to talk to you today about your new series of books, Dangerous Potatoes.  Can you tell us please something about the series?  What first inspired you to write the books?

The books are about four children, three of which are friends and one who is the naughtiest boy in the whole wide world, who discover if you go into Bluebell Wood after dark without wearing metal pants, you’ll get bitten on the bottom by Dangerous Potatoes.

I was inspired to write the stories after telling bed time stories to my children, nephews and nieces.


So, thirteen books in the series Nick, did you write and illustrate all of these yourself?

Yes I did. Originally I trained as an illustrator and have done an exhibition of my work in Finland. But this is the first time I’ve written and illustrated a children’s book.

How long did it take for you to write and illustrate the series?

Well I started it fifteen years ago. I had all the text finished but had done none of the illustrations. The last year Sarah and Nik Kershaw stayed over for New Years Eve and Sarah suggested that I finish the book. So you see it’s all her fault;-)

KajaFax   KajaFax   KajaFax

Are the books independent of each other or do they all come together to form the story?

The stories run chronologically and are all related to one group of children and the events that unfold in their lives.

You seem busier than ever at the moment, why did you choose now to write a series of books?

Well as I’ve stated, it’s been an on going project for some time. But now felt like the right time to complete the series. Sarah Kershaw really got me fired up about it though. She said it was a brilliant idea for a book and laughed her arse off when I told her the details.

KajaFax   KajaFax   KajaFax

What’s your main target age group for the books?

I think adults will like it because of its quirky style, but mainly children aged four to ten is my target group.

These books would make a fantastic Christmas present of course; can you let us know where our readers can purchase them from?

The books are available through

You can order online, either one book at a time or all thirteen in a box set carton. It’s quite stylish.


Will there be more book projects to look forward to in the future?

Yes. I will write the next thirteen books over the next fifteen years;-)

With your incredibly long and varied career in music, you must have more stories to tell than most.  Would you ever be tempted to write your biography if the opportunity presented itself?

Yes I would like to publish this. I’ve already started it. One day I guess?

KajaFax   KajaFax   KajaFax

We know you’re busy with Steven Wilson, Kim Wilde and Rick Wakeman, what’s happening at the moment Nick, lots of work backed up awaiting your attention?

Just about to tour with Kim Wilde, then I have six hours of Rick Wakeman to learn. Next year the Steven Wilson world tour will begin and I’ll be touring for nine months.

Where does Lifesigns fit into your schedule, can we expect this sometime soon and will it be performed live at any time in the future?

 Yes I also have an album project titled Life Signs which will be released on Cherry Red Records in Jan or Feb 2013. There are no plans to play live with this as it’s a studio project with a couple of mates.

KajaFax   KajaFax

Nick Beggs, thanks for talking with KajaFax today.

Thanks for all your support and interest in the band and members, it’s fan bases such as KajaFax that keep the memories alive for the fans. You are great.

2012 KajaFax

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