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Kajagoogoo – ‘GOOlden Wonder!

August 21, 2012

Today we bring you a rather unusual item.

Back in 1983, the world was a very different place…. There was of course no internet.  Added to that, pop music radio was on mushy old medium wave, with Rado 1 commanding the daytime listener and Radio Luxembourg dominating the evening audiences. Throw in a TV set with only four channels and you get the general idea. Back then, there was not as many ways to bring a product to the attention of the masses, and then go on to distribute it to them.  All of this meant that little promotional giveaways were fairly commonplace, and many a company dangled the ‘freebie’ carrot at their potential customers.  As a child/teen of the decade, I had more than my fair share of these goodies, and often saved my pocket money to purchase products that would otherwise remained alien to me, purely to collect the magical token from the back of the pack in order to send off for some such treat.  Promotional gifts that stick in my mind are audio tapes with All Clear shampoo, pop stickers from Weetabix and Shreddies, and some rather special James Bond posters from Smiths Crisps – doubly easy for me to save for as there was a Smiths factory in the town that I live and our next door neighbour was an employee.

So, what do Kajagoogoo have to do with all this?  Well, todays featured item features our lads on a promotional E.P. issued on behalf of Golden Wonder crisps.  Very much of mutual benefit to the featured artists as well as Golden Wonder, there are a few variations on this particular theme out there.

This edition is called The Golden Wonder Super Heroes E.P. and features tracks by Haircut 100, Thompson Twins, Bucks Fizz, Dexys Midnight Runners, Classix Nouveaux and of course Kajagoogoo.  Children up and down Britain will have invested weeks and weeks worth of spending money in potato snacks and probably eaten half their own body weight in crisps in order to obtain it!

Released on Haven Records under the catalogue number HAV1014, this new addition to the KajaFax archive really is a quirky little release!

I guess that this post would not be complete without giving the disc a spin…..1983 style!  Forget the modern deck and my high-end ‘posh’ player…..this is how the me of 1983 would have played the record…..on a then brand new tower system!  😉

enjoy this video of the band, performing the song live on Top of the Pops…..

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