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Steve Askew and Lu Cozma at the Bedford River Festival – A Résumé

July 26, 2012

Last weekend whilst the KajaFax crew were up in Scotland enjoying Limahl performing at the Rewind Festival, there was more ‘Goo activity taking place in sunny Bedfordshire!

The Bedford River Festival was previously featured in this KajaFax article and both Steve C and I were disappointed that it clashed with the Rewind up in Perth.  There is however always a next time, and when that time comes, we will do our best to be there to show Steve and Lu our support 🙂

Our duo took to the stage that afternoon having promised a few treats for the fans, and by all accounts they did not disappoint!

The set list as performed on the day went something like this….

Out Of Time
Building A Mystery
White Rabbit (new arrangement)
Runaway (new arrangement)

The photos we present later in this article show what a terrific event this was – the feedback given both in the press and via emails to the KajaFax inbox are testament to that!  If you were at the event and are now smitten with the voice that is Lu Cozma, why not pop over to her website,, for the very latest information.  Not only will you find the latest news, tour dates, and photos of Lu, but you can purchase CD copies of her debut album too.

For those who prefer digital media, go to iTunes to download it.

Whether you are a new listener or a diehard fan, we can all look forward to future Lu Cozma live shows and also to her forthcoming second album. 
If Steve’s magical guitar work is more your thing, look out for his upcoming solo album.

…and if that wasn’t enough, there was a second treat in store for us.

Steve Askew’s son Courtney and his band Ego Trip.

Their setlist was:

Running Out
California Gurls
Chinese Rain
Robin Burles’ Subway Adventures
Suit Up
Bridal Wave
I’m Not Alone

A striking and original set, a powerful performance, and a deserving crowd reaction!  Well done to Ego Trip for an energetic display that has surely won them a whole bunch of new followers….

and here they all are as it happened on the day…Steve Askew, Lu Cozma, and Ego Trip!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you want a taster of what ‘Ego Trip’ are all about, why not try the debut E.P., ‘Krokodilian’?

You can download it HERE.

A huge thanks to Steve Askew, Lu Cozma and of course Glenn Kelly at REDdot Music for their help in making this article possible!

KajaFax returns at the weekend with more from the world of ‘Goo!

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