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Kajagoogoo in Songbook Magazine

July 11, 2012

As a final post before we enter the build-up for next week’s live dates, KajaFax has for you some magazine scans.

The early 1980’s were a golden era for the UK singles charts and it seems that everybody associated with the industry was keen to jump on the proverbial bandwagon and make some cash! MTV had not yet hit Europe and Top of the Pops was the only real source of exposure for pop acts.  Sure, we had the Whistle Test and of course The Tube, but for sheer mainstream pop entertainment it was TOTP or nothing.  Not surprising that the merchandising side of the business went into overdrive, with pop mags like Smash Hits and Melody Maker becoming massively popular.  For fans that wanted more than even those publications had to offer, there was an alternative…..the poster magazine.  Glossy and overpriced, your local newsagent shelf was usually buckling under the weight of glossy fold-outs of your favourite pop star.

Kajagoogoo had their fair share of these magazines and today we have scans of one such publication.

KajaFax will return on Friday with the latest in the build up to July’s live performances by both Limahl and Steve Askew.

Stay tuned! 😉

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