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Steve Askew Update

May 16, 2012

Steve Askew Update
from REDdot Music

We thought that as a Kajagoogoo fan, we would give you a quick update on what Steve Askew is up to right now.

He is currently in the studio with his collaborator Lu Cozma, working on the follow up to their critically acclaimed album – RED, which you can download from iTunes and other digital outlets, as well as purchasing signed CD’s from Lu’s website at (signed by both Lu and Steve).


If you wish to “try before you buy” you can listen to the entire album for free on our Soundcloud account.

So far for the new album, they have around 5 tracks as work in progress, which are sounding amazing, and we hope to bring you a few snippets of them very soon.

Lu writes:
” There’s been great anticipation for our new album – so much support and excitement from fans. Steve and I love the creative process & working together. Performing our music is such a pleasure and feels as new as when we first started. There has indeed been a time of waiting for the follow up to the album RED. It’s understandable considering how busy our lives have been of late. But then again you can’t hurry great songs! We’re delighted to be out on the road again… to be bringing our new album to a gig near you soon.”

So, if you have never seen Lu Cozma and Steve Askew perform together live before, then you may be interested in the 2 dates we have listed below.

We would like to invite you along to the show at Togfest (Milton Keynes), which promises to be a great night and Bedford River festivals for those of you who are more central. – Don’t forget to bring the Freddo’s!!

June 30th 2012
Togfest Music Festival, Bradwell Abbey, Milton Keynes

July 21st 2012
The Bedford River Festival, The Embankment, Bedford

As well as working with Lu Cozma, Steve has also recorded and produced for the band “Ego Trip”.  If you are on Facebook, then you will know that the band is fronted by Steve’s youngest son, Courtney.

Their Debut EP Krokadilian was released in February on iTunes, and the band have recently performed a string of gigs, including a gig alongside Bow Wow Wow at the O2 Academy on Oxford.

You can hear their EP for free at

If you are a budding musician, or in a band or a solo artist who are looking to be recorded professionally, then visit

Under the experienced guidance of Steve Askew, we can fully record your material, mix and master it, and we can also manufacture it to CD and get it out on iTunes.

Contact us for more details via or via the website at


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