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Steve Hackett feat. Nick Beggs & the Steve Hackett Band: ‘Out of the Ferry`s Mouth’ Live in Scotland 19th November 2009

March 9, 2012

Steve Hackett – Out of the Ferry’s Mouth

Today, KajaFax brings you live video footage of the first order!

Recorded live in 2009 and released to the Members of the Genesis Movement shortly after, ‘Out of the Ferry’s Mouth’ is an ‘artist approved film’ that was then made into a fan made concert DVD release, free for all to enjoy.  A huge debt of gratitude goes out to Richard Coppola for helping today’s post turn into a reality.

On November 19th of that year, the Steve Hackett Band performed at the Ferry in Glasgow. The Ferry is an unusual music venue as is actually a boat, previously known as the Renfrew Ferry, which shuttled passengers from the Renfrew side of the River Clyde to the Clydebank side.  It ‘retired’ in 1989 and subsequently became a music venue.

The Ferry is an extraordinary venue, not just on the outside but on the inside too, containing both a downstairs level and an upper floor with a glass balcony looking down over the stage.  It was from that upper tier that this multi-cam film was shot.

No act of plagiarism would be complete without giving the appropriate credit, so KajaFax would like to say a HUGE thank you to the guys that made this project possible, who are:

Multi-Cam Filming and Footage: Richard Coppola & Dave Walker

Audio: Ben Fenner and Richard Coppola

Audio Mastering: Tom for TM Productions

DVD Authoring and Cover: Willem Beens


The Band*:

Steve Hackett – guitars, vocals
Nick Beggs – bass, chapman stick, vocals
Amanda Lehmann – guitar, vocals
Rob Townsend  – clarinet, saxophone, flute, reeds
Roger King – keyboards
Gary O’ Toole – drums, vocals

*click on the above KajaLinks to be directed to the artists personal sites where available

Special thanks to Steve Hackett and Jo (for permission to film) and particularly Brian Coles (management).

Thanks also to the management of ‘The Ferry’, for allowing the filming.

And so we come to the main feature.  Sit back, select the ‘full screen’ option on the YouTube link, and enjoy the show!

2012 KajaFax

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