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Kajagoogoo Tour Review – Friars Aylesbury May 1983

October 6, 2011

‘Goo Tour Review – ‘Friars’ Aylesbury – Saturday 7th May 1983

It is sometimes easy to forget the hysteria surrounding some of Britain’s top pop stars back in the eighties – mania of a type now seldom seen with the security guarded, vaguely aloof megastars of today.  The 50’s saw Cliff Richard, 1960’s the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, the 70’s had Queen, Elton John, and the Bay CityRollers (!)….  By the 1980’s, the media had embraced the new wave of visually striking multimedia pop stars, with acts like Spandau Ballet and Duran Duran making waves globally – able to be in living rooms all over the world via the power of cable TV and VCR machines!

Despite the advent of the video age, the music was still paramount, and the live circuit was vibrant and exciting.


Kajagoogoo had just burst onto the mainstream music scene and chose the Friars, Aylesbury to play the fourth date on the UK leg of their tour in promotion of the White Feathers album.

Speaking recently about the gig, Nick Beggs recalls:

“Playing Friars was always a buzz… earliest gig there was with Art Nouveau.  We opened for the Scars and John Cooper Clark…..Amazing!  It was the first big stage I ever played on and couldn’t believe how different it felt to a club gig….”


The UK was witnessing scenes of ‘GooMania’ similar to those seen with Duran Duran some months earlier.  The below article gives some insight into the frenzy that followed the guys as they toured their debut album.


‘Fans faint in pop concert hysteria’


Saturday night reached fever pitch in Aylesbury when heart-throb band Kajagoogoo played at friars for the first time.

Security at the Civic Centre was tightened and the Police were out in force as fans – more that 1200 of them – began queuing early to ensure a good view of the Leighton Buzzard band which has taken the music world by storm.  Tickets for the concert were sold out two weeks ago.  “We knew there would be a lot of young girls there and we knew the effects this band has on them, so we made sure there were extra St John’s Ambulance people on hand” said the bands concert promoter David Stopps this week.

And they were needed for at one stage 24 young girls fainted in the space of just one hour and three more required hospital treatment.

“The band caused mild hysteria among the audience and we were glad we had doubled the number of our people on duty.  They were rushed off their feet but our volunteers are trained to be able to deal with this sort of thing” said Mr John Berry the St. John Ambulance Brigade’s county staff officer for public events.  “This sort of thing does happen at pop concerts.  Young girls get excited, they probably haven’t eaten anything and the hall is hot and that’s where the trouble starts. But we were warned in advance” 

On Monday, David Stopps said it was one of the most successful concerts for a long time.  “It was like Beatle mania all over again…the girls were dropping like flies” he said.


Kajagoogoo have been at Friars before – last year they played under their former name of Art Nouveau, supporting Fashion.  Since then, they have reached the number 1 spot in the charts with their first single ‘Too Shy’ and their second single ‘Ooh to be Ah’ reached the top 10.

A local man, Marcus Robinson, designed and operated the lighting system for Saturday’s performance which took six hours to set up!

The tour was a triumph, as ‘White Feathers’ reached #5 in the UK album charts with sales of 3 million, and all three singles lifted from the record making it big in the singles charts too.

In the UK alone, the White Feathers tour played to over 60,000 appreciative fans…

Taken from that tour, here is a clip of the second top 10 single from the album, ‘Ooh to be Ah’

KajaFax would like to deeply thank the Friars Aylesbury website for their consent to use materials of their ownership.

2011 KajaFax

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  1. 5-r permalink
    October 10, 2011 7:25 pm

    I like this Ooh To Be Ah live… Can you olso upload Over The Top from this concert? 🙂

    • October 12, 2011 9:55 pm

      we may well feature the track ‘over the top’ in a future article…..keep watching!

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