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Kajagoogoo White Feathers Album on 8 Track Cartridge

July 20, 2011

Kajagoogoo White Feathers Album on 8 Track Cartridge

Every now and again, a piece of merchandise comes into a collector’s hands that he or she feels ‘isn’t right’ in some way.  This is one of those occasions!  Below, we have a photo of an 8 track cartridge of the ‘goo album White Feathers, issued on Capitol Records,America.  The tape carries the catalogue number P8-EMC-3433.



Now for the technical bit… The 8-track cartridge contains a length of 1/4 inch tape which runs in a continuous loop. The tape is wound around a hub in the middle of the cartridge. It pulls out from the centre, following a path across the front edge of the cartridge and the playback head.  The tape itself is divided along its length into 8 channels or tracks (hence the name “8-track”).


A metal sensing strip connects the ends of the strip of tape, forming the loop. When it reaches the end of a program, the metal sensing strip connects with a coil in the player causing the playback head to shift along the width of the tape, resulting in the loud “clunk” you hear between programs.


By the 1980’s, most labels had begun to phase out the format with the majority of labels pretty much abandoning the format by 1983.  Record & Tape mail order clubs however kept the format alive and the availability of chart albums on the format continued, albeit by mail order, until 1988.


So, back to Kajagoogoo.  Why do I feel that this cart is not genuine?  Well, although Capitol Records is indeed an American subsidiary of EMI (and was the publishing label stateside of Duran Duran, who were also signed to EMI in the UK); Kajagoogoo vinyl releases were issued on EMI America.  Why would tapes be any different?   In addition, the tape itself seems in pretty good shape.  Suspiciously too good!  Eight Track carts tend to be yellowed and rather bubbled due to the heat generated whilst in the player.  The slipcase is not original (as it is Warner Bros branded) but would be replaceable.


Despite these doubts over its authenticity, I have an 8 track player at home and can confirm that when played, the album is indeed White Feathers

Fast forward to 2011. The 8 track format is virtually extinct.  I say virtually, as occasionally, albums seem to find their way onto the format quite unexpectedly.  American Rock outfit Cheap Trick released their 2009 album The Latest on Compact Disc, 12” Vinyl and 8 Track cartridge…


Whatever next? Lady Gaga on Reel to Reel?

2011 KajaFax

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  1. Denny permalink
    July 20, 2011 8:20 am

    If it is a fake, it’s a very good one isn’t it. I can’t think of anyone less likely to be faked and a less likely format to fake them on than this. LOL

    There doesn’t seem to be any big mistakes regarding spelling and all the copyright info is there. Maybe it just got put away in a cupboard and forgotten about?

    As for the Capitol bit, it might be that they had the licence to produce the 8 track………..or it could be a very elaborate fake 🙂

    • July 20, 2011 3:46 pm

      I love this item, it’s a real beauty! It could be that Capitol licenced this format but you’d think at the time, EMI were happy release on Laserdisc and even that crazy CED format so this one shouldn’t have been scary to them at all!

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