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It’s Chart Day!

June 19, 2011

It’s Chart Day!

Here we are, Sunday 19th June 2011 and it’s Chart Day!


Today, we find out whether all our efforts have resulted in a chart placing.

You can find out when we find out, right here:

There is a timer ticking in the top right of that site which shows the amount of time remaining until the charts are updated.

Here we have a quick Q&A about the release!

Where are we hoping to place?
Our ultimate aim is Top 40 but we’d settle for any chart placing, breaking into the Top 100 would be an incredible achievement!

How easy is any of that that to do?
It’s very difficult!  Normally, a single would have a promotional budget behind it, our budget has been zero!  Songs may have been featured on an advert or appeared in a TV show e.g. sung by someone on Britain’s Got Talent etc.  For us to mix it up with those tracks would be a real achievement.

Can I still buy the single now?
Yes, but it won’t count towards today’s chart.

What next for the single?
Let’s talk about that after the chart!

THANK YOU all so much for your support throughout this release.  We’ve hammered on about this track for weeks now and you’re all still here supporting us and giving us encouragement.

If the track doesn’t make the chart, it’s not a failure.  We’ve all achieved something amazing right from the start.  Just to have the band allowing us to promote their single is a result in itself, seriously.

We know the KajaGooGoo fans are a loyal bunch, we just need to hope we’ve reached enough of you to make the impact today.

If you haven’t seen it already, please watch and enjoy, this is the video version of Limahl being interviewed on BBC Manchester and BBC Lancashire, it’s a superb interview.

Good luck everyone!

2011 KajaFax

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