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Post from a Fan

June 6, 2011

Just a quick post to say. . . . . .KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK GUYS!
By Madison, on behalf of Kajafax fans

I decided today I would break into the site and squeeze a sneaky post in to congratulate Steve Conley & Steve Yeo in their current quest to get DDH into the UK Top 40 Charts.

Lots of people visit the site daily to keep abreast of the new project and also to gain new knowledge about the band. A lot of fans are reminded of the past and some people are just learning such as me.

I, on behalf of all ‘Kajafax’ fans would like to thank ‘The Steve’s’ for convincing Kaja to bring out such a great single. Also to acknowledge their relentless promotion.


You are both doing a fantastic job. I hope the fans realise how much time, effort and love it takes to do this, and if it wasn’t difficult enough they are successfully managing this with no budget (with the exception of a few pounds out of their own pocket) !

I’d like to take this opportunity to urge all fans, like myself, to try and help the guys in their mission – do anything you can. Call up your local radio stations to play the song, any contacts you may know, spread the word via Twitter and Facebook and most importantly tell all your friends to download the song, just 79p makes the difference.

On a personal note, I’m really proud of both of you and am certain you will succeed.


You can currently pre-order the single from HMV and 7digital, it’s a mere 79p:



If the dance mix is more your thing (and it is fantastic), you can also download that and they both count towards a chart position:



It’s a really quick and easy process to pre-order the track, 7digital even take PayPal in their payment options!

You can pre-order from iTunes but they only allow this for the full EP.  Therefore if you wish to pre-order either full EP from iTunes, you can do this here:

If you are an iTunes user but only wish to purchase the single, please wait until June 12th where it is officially released and you will be able to buy this as one track.

Death Defying Headlines is released on Red Dot Music.


2011 KajaFax

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  1. June 6, 2011 9:31 am

    I really need to get a better padlock on here! Seriously though, many thanks for that Madison it’s really appreciated.

    It really has been non stop for us so far and it doesn’t look like it’s going to let up just yet, but we’re having great fun too! As you know we’re just two regular chaps in two regular jobs, so things like radio interviews are totally new to us and a bit scary!!

    We’re hitting a crucial time now though, we have a week of pre-order time left and then we only have one week of release to make our position. We’re just the start of this, we’re nothing without the sales so if this is a success, it’s down to everyone who parts with their money.

    We just need to go for it now and push this harder than ever!!

    You’ve been fantastic yourself Madison, tweeting it like crazy and pushing it out on Facebook. A special nod to Babs Smith who has been pushing it everywhere she can and keeping it burning for us, always trying to hook us up where she can and help out. DJ Marty Dee Donovan has been awesome, playing it on all of his shows and stepping in to record live broadcasts at such short notice. It’s a real team effort and we can all be proud of that 🙂


  2. theraggedtiger permalink
    June 6, 2011 2:07 pm

    I agree with everything that Steve has said. Promoting the single has been both fun and an education! We have had a few ‘bumps in the road’ along the way and some of our plans didn’t quite work out as we thought. For the most part though, I think that we have done a pretty good job of getting the track out there into the public domain.

    What counts of course is that all important chart position.

    Thanks to each and every station and newspaper that has believed in the track! Marty Dee has been a star, as have Babs and Madison. Thanks to everybody who has done their ‘bit’ – I know that both Steve C and I appreciate it.

    Together, we will hit that top 40!

    Steve Y

    • June 6, 2011 2:59 pm

      Oh absolutely, we’ve had results from some amazing places and then also we’ve had nothing from places we thought we’re almost a guaranteed win.

      It’s been a whole new world to us, dealing with newspapers and radio and it’s awesome! We’ll miss this when it’s over which is why we need this to end with a bang!

  3. theraggedtiger permalink
    June 6, 2011 8:45 pm

    funny to think that in two weeks time, Kajagoogoo may well be in the UK top 40 and have a hit on their hands.

    I would love to see them all over the TV on the strength of that.

  4. Madison Skipworth permalink
    June 6, 2011 9:37 pm

    me 2! it would be great to see them on one of the main tv channels.

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