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Pre Order Death Defying Headlines Tomorrow

May 15, 2011

Pre-Order Death Defying Headlines Tomorrow!!

Our start date is right around the corner and we’re really excited to see if we’ve made enough of an impact to make a real flying start.

Tomorrow, the single ‘Death Defying Headlines’ does become available for pre-order and this means then, you can start buying the single!


If you’re not sure what we mean by pre-ordering, or anything else about the release, please read on for the facts about what this is all about and why we’ve done it, in our full story question round up.

How did this single release come about?
We at KajaFax were constantly receiving comments and emails from fans asking us when the band were going to release something.  We took that demand to the band, they listened.

So who is promoting the single?
We are, all of us, the fans!  KajaFax submitted a detailed plan to the band to prove we had the capability to do the single justice on their behalf.

So what do KajaFax make out of this?
Financially, nothing.  We’re doing this out of enthusiasm and a love for the band.

Pre-ordering, what is it and why do it?
When you pre-order something, you pay for it now and receive it later.  Every pre-ordered single is crucial for us, they all add up to the actual release week to count towards a chart position.  We’re doing it this way to increase our chances of a achieving exactly that, a chart position.

So we get five weeks of sales all in one go?
Essentially, yes.  The chart is made up of file downloads rather than sales.  Once we have our four week pre-order period, all of those four weeks of sales are then downloaded in the fifth week.  That week is when we hope we’ve done enough to achieve a chart position.

When is that week?
The single becomes downloadable on June 12th 2011.  Every pre-order is downloaded then and people can still buy it and instantly download it in that week.  Sunday 19th June 2011 is the chart date of when we hope to see this single make a position.

What do I do next?
Pre-order the single tomorrow and spread the word as far as you can!  It’s only 79p, cheaper than pretty much anything else you can buy!  Even asking your friends to buy one as a contribution would be incredible.

Can I buy the dance mix or the EP instead?
Yes, the single from the dance mix counts as a valid sale towards the chart.  If you buy the full EP, this also counts as a valid sales towards the chart for the single.

Can we really get this track into the charts, I mean REALLY?
That’s in our hands, REALLY!  Sales figures vary weekly, there is no hard and fast figure to give.  If we can secure sales of around 4000-5000, we can hit the Top 40.  That’s achievable, we have five weeks.  The biggest secret to making this happen are the golden words:


So there we have it, hopefully everyone understands the reason for pre-ordering and is all ready to get busy buying the track!

Many thanks to Moorlands Radio who are our latest station to have playlisted the single.


We are in talks with many other radio stations about having the track playlisted.

You can help us by calling your local radio station and asking to hear the track, this will prompt stations to play it.

We will of course provide links to the track retailers when they go live and we will update you with weekly sales figures.

KajaFax will continue to work even harder to promote the single, we need your help more than ever now to get the message out there that this single is coming out.

Invite your friends to the facebook group, tweet it, tell people, shout it out!

Many thanks to everyone who has given us their support so far.  I’d hate to miss any names so I won’t name anyone, you all know who you are!

On a final note, I’d like to mention the press packs.  After publishing photos of the press pack, we’ve had many fans contacting us to request a copy.  Although we understand these would be attractive to collectors, regretfully we are unable to supply these currently.  We are working on a very small budget and our main concentration for the packs has to be UK radio stations, we can’t afford to run out.

If we have any press packs left at the end, we will of course endeavour to send these out to fans who have requested one.

2011 KajaFax

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