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Limahl Interview with BOP Magazine 1984

May 4, 2011

Limahl interview with BOP Magazine 1984


BOP magazine is a monthly American pop culture and entertainment magazine.  The magazine first went into publication in 1983, and is still in publication to this day.

The following is a transcript of an interview conducted by BOP journalist and co-founder Julie Jenkins with Limahl, at around the time that his debut solo album, ‘Don’t Suppose…’ was released:


On a sunny afternoon in Hollywood, BOP’s editor Julie met with 27-year-old singer Limahl.   They spent an afternoon of candid conversation about his leaving the band Kajagoogoo to pursue a solo career with his new single, ‘The Never Ending Story’, off his new album, Don’t Suppose….

BOP: Can you tell me about the first song off your new album, Don’t Suppose?

Limahl: It’s called ‘The Never Ending Story’ from the film of the same name.  It’s a love song – quite a romantic sort of song – but it’s also a dance song too.  It’s the kind of song that will appeal to everyone in the family.  That’s real success when Mums and Dads like you too!

BOP: Did you like the movie ‘The Never Ending Story’?

Limahl: I saw it when I was in South Africa and it was lovely – very much a children’s film.  There were two kids sitting in front of me in the theatre, and just to hear what they were saying was amazing – they were so taken by the whole thing!

BOP: After you left Kajagoogoo in 1983, were you scared to do your first solo album?

Limahl: I was scared, but it became much more of a challenge, especially since Kajagoogoo was so successful.  But I love ‘Don’t Suppose’ and as I was working on it, there was never a moment when I thought “this is going to be a bad album – I’m not going to be happy with it”.  It really came together well.

BOP: Are you frightened about performing solo?

Limahl: Not really.  I felt kind of constricted with Kajagoogoo because they never thought as theatrically as I did.  I’m much more of an entertainer – a showbiz person.  I’ve never really been a rock ‘n’ roller.  I really want to put on a concert that will be remembered.  People give up an evening of their life to come and spend it with you – they pay for that, so it’s got to be really good!  Otherwise forget it – they’ll never come and see you again!

Bop: What about critical reviews of your concerts or songs – do you take them personally?

Limahl: Not anymore – I stopped when critics were proved wrong a few times.  The British music press can be really cruel.  They personally attacked me.  It wasn’t constructive criticism and it really hurt me.  The press can sometimes tear you to pieces and it’s kind of upsetting.  But BOP is honest – it’s a good magazine and I will read and enjoy it because you’re providing what a record buying person wants.


BOP: When you’re travelling and you’re away from home for a long time, is there something you always bring with you on the road?

Limahl: My hairdryer because it keeps my hair spikey!  (laughs)  Actually, I usually travel with my protein drink because I’m a vegetarian and it can be a problem finding something I can eat.  The drink is a powder and I mix it with milk to make a health drink. It’s filled with lots of protein and calcium.  I also bring my diary – a business diary – to keep track of addresses and my appointments.

BOP: Being away from home as often as you are, what kind of effect does it have on your friendships?

Limahl: It’s difficult – very difficult.  Sometimes it can be so hard to keep a friendship going while I travel and work so much, but a good friend will understand.  My real close friends know I have to work when I’m away, and they just call me when I get back.

BOP: Is it difficult to tell who your real friends are?

Limahl: Na, not really.  I’m a sensitive person so I can sense when someone’s really my friend or if they’re just hanging around me because I’m a singer.


BOP: Have you always wanted to be an entertainer?

Limahl: Oh yeah! It wasn’t a fad with me at all.  I always wanted to sing.  Right from the age of four I played records and I would spend all of my money buying albums!  I’d be in the house listening to them while all the other kids in the neighbourhood were playing football and stuff like that.  I’ve just always wanted to sing.

BOP: Do you think there’s a difference between your real life and the way the public thinks you live?

Limahl: The public really only sees the glamorous side most of the time.  When you’re on TV you look nice – with the make-up on and your hair done and good lighting, you’re bound to!  It is a very glamorous business and I love that aspect of it!

BOP: Like Cyndi Lauper, you’ve had your mom in your videos.  Is that important to you?

Limahl: I just like sharing what I do with my Mum, Cynthia, since she always wanted to be a movie star!  My Dad, Eric, won’t do them as he’s not as interested.  He’s a miner – a real down to earth working class man.  I didn’t get along too well with my father, actually, until I moved away from home when I was 16 years old because he was so strict.  He’d make me come home early at night – you know, the usual stuff.  But we’re great now.  We get on really well.

BOP: If you could live out any fantasy, what would it be?

Limahl: I think I would like to travel through space.  I really like science fiction.  But it would have to be like it is in the movies – the way it’s all technical and really sci-fi and wonderful!

BOP: Is there anything you consider your most prized possession?

Limahl: Oh dear, that’s difficult!  Well, I would have to say all of my discs – I’m very proud of all of my records!


 2011 KajaFax

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  1. Simon permalink
    May 4, 2011 11:39 am

    its nice to read something from back in the day so thanks.

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