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Richard Kompass: KajaGooGoo Collection pt5

March 27, 2011

Well, all good things must come to an end and here we have the final part of the feature.  It’s been fantastic, we’ve seen some amazing items and they all belong to Richard.  Step forward sir, take a bow!

In the final part, pt5:

0261 I have both the 7 and 12 france, this is the 7″ Hang on Now  the a-side is called US mix…


0264 back cover, check the picture on the cassette


0257 this is the 7″ US promo hang on now, the promo has hang on now both sides, the regular 7″ Kajagoogoo instumental as b-side


0260 back cover to above item


0266 Hang on now 7″ Japan white label promo


0268 rare white label bought in Record Heaven (Malmoe) back in 1987 by this english guy who had “everything”


0269 UK 7″ hang on now


0272 “Harold Lloyd” back cover


0274 Ellis Beggs and Howard


0276 my 7″ Big Bubbles is still sealed but it contain 4 photos, on this picture you can see Nick


And there we have it, the final part of the feature.  Richard does assure me that he has more, we could see more from him yet!

Major thanks to Richard, it’s been a real pleasure and I appreciate the effort he has gone to on taking all of these photos and sending them all across. After seeing all of these superb items, it’s time to see Richard himself.


Richard singing ‘Neverending Story’ with Limahl

Richard with Jez and Limahl.  Photo taken at Hamburg by Michaela Reinfeld

Got a collection like this?  Even half this size?  Even 10% of this?  Send the photos across to me, address in the Contacts page!

2011 KajaFax

4 Comments leave one →
  1. TheRaggedTiger permalink
    March 27, 2011 12:59 pm

    A pretty comprehensive collection there. Great stuff, and thank you for sharing!

  2. Denny permalink
    March 28, 2011 1:46 am

    I have enjoyed this a lot. Many thanks Richard 🙂

    The US version of HON differs from the normal version. It has had bits added to make it more American in much the same way that many of the tracks on Duran’s Rio album were reworked for the US market.

  3. gilles permalink
    March 28, 2011 3:56 pm

    hello from france
    i’m looking the email of Richard please to send him some pictures and stories about kajagooggo and limahl please
    gilles (boy of closer 42 years old)

    • March 28, 2011 11:00 pm

      Hi, I wouldn’t be able to pass out the email address for Richard but if you wanted to send a mail via me, I’d certainly send it onto him. My email address can be found in the Contact page on the blog. Thanks, Steve.

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