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Kajagoogoo Panini Sticker Collection

September 20, 2015

The collection of stickers is nothing new, and one of those bizarre compulsions that despite the passing of time and the onset of more hi-tech hobbies still afflicts fans of music and sports to this day.  From One Direction to Champions League Football, the sticker book is still going strong.  Back in the 80s, Panini teamed up with premier pop publication Smash Hits to produce a series of sticker books that were essential collecting for a whole generation of kids, and in doing so made an illustrated encyclopaedia of eighties pop.  The Kaja boys were of course included, and it is their entries that we have to show you today.

 The images printed on the sticker are well used and familiar to all, but the ‘facts’ on the rear maybe not so familiar. Perhaps that’s why they were meant to be peeled off and discarded?  Here’s the gallery:

**click on each thumbnail to open a full size version**


2015 KajaFax

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