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KajaHunt 2014 – Day 9….and Happy Birthday Steve Askew!

December 9, 2014

‘KajaHunt’ Treasure Hunt Competition Day 9

Askew Birthday

Today is a special day as not only is it day 9 of this year’s KajaHunt competition, but it is also Steve Askew’s birthday!  KajaFax send Steve our very best wishes for his birthday and we know you do too.

In honour of the occasion, our Tuesday question is Askew related:

For which ‘noughties’ pop duo did Steve and his Kajagoogoo bandmate Nick Beggs write and produce?

Steve and Nick in 1985

Steve and Nick in 1985

If you know the answer, write it down and keep it safe!

KajaFax returns tomorrow with the next in our series of KajaHunt questions.  See you then!

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