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KajaHunt 2013 – Day 13

December 13, 2013

‘KajaHunt’ Treasure Hunt Competition Day 13


Welcome to the thirteenth question of 2013’s KajaHunt.

Today’s question relates to keyboard genius Stuart Croxford Neale.

Team KajaFax have met Stuart on several occasions – most recently at Limahl’s 2012 gig in Belfast, and we can honestly say that he really is a genuinely nice man and very happy to chat with fans of the band.

A thoroughly nice guy.

Stuart Croxford Neale Christmas

Here, for all Stuart fans, is todays question:

What piece of hi-tech audio equipment did Stuart acquire prior to the Islands recording sessions, that was so experimentally influential on the final sound of the album?


We wish you all the best of luck with that question!

Remember, the clues are there to be found 😉


2013 KajaFax

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