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Lu Cozma & Steve Askew Important News: The ‘Lockdown’ E.P – In Stores Tomorrow!

March 3, 2013

Today, we bring some exciting and important news from our friends over at Red Dot Music that will be of particular interest to fans of Kajagoogoo guitarist Steve Askew.


Kaja stable mate Lu Cozma and the aforementioned Mr Askew release their brand new EP, Lockdown, on Monday March 4th via RedDot Music.  Available via the usual digital outlets as well as on physical CD, the release is a prelude to the duo’s forthcoming album and also their national tour in support of former Marillion front man ‘Fish’.

The pair will also be supporting The John Young Band in March, as well as performing at a number of dates and festivals both in the UK & Europe in 2013.

The sample clips relesed by the label thus far promise a real treat for all fans, and the KajaFax team are fortunate enough to have been given a preview copy which confirms that this really is something special.

You will not be disappointed!

Check out the Discography and Live section of this site for all the details on the tour dates and venues

Lockdown Askew Czma Kajagoogoo

**Click on the above cover art to purchase your digital copy**

KajaFax are not alone in their love for Lu, as this press extract confirms….

She’s one of Britain’s best-kept secrets but not for much longer. English female singer, songwriter, Lu Cozma has created a musical merging of mainstream excellence yet effortlessly retaining her signature sound that is at once recognizable as her own.

The late great Martin Rushent, (producer of the Human League, The Stranglers, The Buzzcocks, as well as Lu’s debut album RED) described Lu’s vocals simply;

“Sometimes, in the unexpected places, a voice blows your head off.”

It’s not surprising how this lady with ‘Galadriel looks, a captivating stage presence and a voice that can break your heart or have it beating like a battle drum’, made an impression both in the UK and overseas.

Lu fronts a musical partnership with her collaborator and fellow musician, producer Steve Askew, (guitarist with global conquers Kajagoogoo, one of the few British bands who ‘cracked the American charts). Cozma & Askew’s musical union brings dark tones; electronic beats, radio penetrating melodic structures, interweaving acoustic and electric guitars and taking on a sonic and lyrical journey with every beat.

Lockdown is a brand new 4 track EP from the duo, featuring Lockdown, Snow White Room, White Noise and Breathing Under Water, all of which precedes a brand new album later this year.

“The good stuff, where music is made from, has not been instantaneous with the new album. Life for me really does move in wave after mega wave.” Explains Lu. “There comes a time when I take a glance behind and see where I’ve been and come from. Then I look at myself for who I am in the here and now. I breathe it all in; all the joy, tumult, laughter, calamity and adventure and then simply spit it out or sigh it out depending on the mood. That’s as simple as it gets really. The music speaks for itself. It has no secret agenda. The only thing it’s born from is a desire to be true to itself. Steve Askew and I meet at that same point of purpose. Pedestrian isn’t something of interest to us….”

There it’s all laid – straightforward in its recipe for the inimitable music unification of Lu Cozma and Steve Askew.

Looking for the ordinary? Better look elsewhere …


Want to keep up with the very latest on Lu? Follow her via the below Twitter link:

twitter-logo2013 KajaFax

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