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KajaHunt 2012 – Day 18

December 18, 2012

KajaHunt’ Treasure Hunt Competition Day 18


Today’s question relates to a Kajagoogoo ‘B-side’ and is a visual clue. 

Take a look at the below picture for today’s answer, which is a song title.

The name of the location shown below is contained within the mystery song title!


Please do not contact us with this answer, keep it to yourself until the end!!

For a quick recap of the rules of the competition, please follow this KajaLink:

Time is running out for you to purchase your copy of Limahl’s new single!

Click on the below images/links to get your copy in good time for Christmas Day:

Limahl CD Cover

The song is also available from iTunes and all major retailers as a ringtone and mp3 download.

To purchase a CD copy, click HERE.

Limahl is featured in tonights 80’s Rewind show on MFR Radio.  Check it out on the below link!!


The 80s Rewind is broadcast at 7 – 9pm on Tuesdays on MFR Two (available on Digital Radio and online ) and every month you can download The 80s Rewind Again podcast.

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