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KajaHunt 2012 – Day 12 and Limahl Interview for BBC Kent

December 12, 2012

KajaHunt’ Treasure Hunt Competition Day 12

Day 12 is here!!  We are half way through the competition already!

Hopefully, you have a full set of answers so far,  and can maybe have a guess at what the overall answer could be??

Let’s see if today’s question helps a little.

Our question of the day is really easy….and to make it easier still, we have given you a huge clue on this very page 😉

Kajagoogoo debut album White Feathers contains a track called ‘Frayo‘ – a firm fan favourite and album highlight.  Limahl has been asked on many occasions what the lyrics are about and so KajaFax thought we, in turn, would ask the fans that very same question.

Here is the question:

Which European country is the subject of Kajagoogoo song ‘Frayo’?


Please do not contact us with this answer, keep it to yourself until the end!!

For a quick recap of the rules of the competition, please follow this KajaLink:

As you all know, Limahl’s brand new single London For Christmas is now available.

If you have not already done so, please click on the below CD cover art to be directed to Amazon where you can purchase a copy:

Limahl CD Cover

The song is also available from iTunes and all major retailers as a ringtone and mp3 download.

To purchase a CD copy, click HERE.

Best of luck!!!  KajaFax returns with another teaser for you tomorrow! 🙂

To finish today’s post, here is the audio from Limahl’s recent interview with Pat Marsh of BBC Radio Kent.

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