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KajaHunt 2012 – Day 3

December 3, 2012

‘KajaHunt’ Treasure Hunt Competition Day 3

Welcome to KajaHunt day 3!  Hopefully, you have two correct answers so far and are well on the way to a chance of winning a prize.

Take a look at the below image:

Do you like the artwork? We call it ‘Nick Beggs……in the style of Andy Warhol’.  “Nice….but what is the connection between the two?” I hear you ask.  Well, looking back through Kajagoogoo’s history there is an vague connection between Warhol and the ‘Goo.  In the March of 1984, Duran Duran played a second night at the Madison Square Garden, New York.  The date had been added due to the frenzied sell-out of the first night performance on March 19th.  If press reports are to be believed, the second night audience was peppered with celebrity ticket-holders.

Both Nick Beggs and Andy Warhol were in attendance that night.

The links between Duran Duran and Kajagoogoo are well documented, and we all know that Limahl was instrumental in that chance hookup with the Durannies back in ’82.  Warhol saw Duran Duran as a walking, talking, real life version of his ‘Pop Art’ imagery and was a personal friend of the band.  One member of Duran in particular was both influenced and and an influence on Warhol, and it is this member that our question is about. Here comes today’s puzzler….

Which member of Duran Duran was responsible for bringing Kajagoogoo to the attention of EMI Records?

**Note: It is the SURNAME of this person that forms the answer to today’s question**


Please do not contact us with this answer, keep it to yourself until the end!!

For a quick recap of the rules of the competition, please follow this KajaLink:

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