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KajaHunt 2012 – Day 1

December 1, 2012

‘KajaHunt’ Treasure Hunt Competition Day 1

The moment has arrived….the first day of 2012’s KajaHunt!

As ever, our competition offers some great prizes and hopefully a bit of fun along the way!

Here is the question for today, read it carefully and then you may begin!

To answer today’s question, you will need to take a wander through your Limahl collection….

The song ‘Working Out’ has lyrics that describe Limahl’s intentions of reaching perfect physical fitness and what he hopes to achieve when he has obtained the ‘body beautiful’.

In the lyric of the song, in which town (referred to informally by its nickname) in the United States of America is he going to “fly out next week” and hopefully may “make the movie screen”?


Please do not contact us with this answer, keep it to yourself until the end!!

For a quick recap of the rules of the competition, please follow this KajaLink:

To finalise today’s post, here is a clip of Limahl in the United States in the video for his first solo hit single ‘Only For Love’….

See you tomorrow for question two!

Don’t forget that today is also special as it is the release day of Limahl’s brand new single London For Christmas.  Click on the below cover art to be directed to Amazon where you can purchase the track.  Let’s make it a huge hit!!

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