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Kajagoogoo Japanese Collectors Series – 日本製 – Part 3 – ‘The Lion’s Mouth’

May 27, 2012

KajaFax holds many Kajagoogoo and Limahl Japanese editions in its archive and today continues our series of articles designed to showcase them.

Japanese release singles differ greatly from those released in almost every other territory.  They usually consist of four components:  a fold-out inner sleeve with alternate cover artwork, song lyrics, and band information with the 7” disc itself contained inside a company branded generic cover.   This is then housed within a protective polythene outer sleeve.

They are also fabulous collector’s pieces.

Today, we feature their fifth hit and the second single release to be taken from the Islands album, The Lion’s Mouth.  The below images are scanned from the actual disc to give you the very best viewing pleasure in the highest detail.

Click on each thumbnail to enlarge:

This great video was filmed to accompany the single…..

Video footage courtesy of EMI Music.

Keep checking KajaFax for more great features on Japanese collectable singles!

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