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Limahl – Never Ending Story – The Astro Dancer Dub

March 1, 2012

Whenever a major artist, or indeed any artist, issues new single material, there is usually an aftershock of unofficial remixes in their wake produced by a plethora of accomplished amateur DJ’s and mixers.  KajaFax is especially interested in this most interesting area – that of collectible mixes – especially during the build up to the release of the first tranche of ‘1983’ mixes hitting the internet.

We are aware that 1983 is being reworked as we speak, and excitedly await the imminent release of finished product from people such as Vinny Vero and Northern Kind’s Matt Culpin.  While we wait for these mixes to become available, KajaFax looks back upon mixes of older tracks that are available to download.

Today, we feature Astro Dancer’s rework of Limahl’s number one global smash hit The NeverEnding Story.

The song was composed by Giorgio Moroder with vocals provided by Limahl and Beth Anderson. Referencing both the title of the song and indeed the actual movie, the track fades both in and out and thus has no distinctive beginning nor end…..neverending perhaps?

Astro Dancer’s remix can be heard here:

If you like that, and want to hear more work by Astro Dancer, visit for a huge library of remixes and mashups.

You can purchase Limahl’s new single, ‘1983’ here… 6 great official mixes!

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